initially, as?ssf16, which stands for “a solution? systems & society fall 2016”, concerned itself with the question if “the general african is poor” and if so, “why this is the case” and “how can fashion play a role in attempting to solve this problem”.

realizing that the general african is indeed poor, which is largely due to exploitation of natural resources, it seems much more fitting to provide some kind of business for african individuals who do not have the means to support themselves. in addition, the excessive amount of second hand garments that is being dumped on africa suggests that creating and shipping more clothing to them seems inappropriate.

as a result, a guidance book was created. it includes simple patterns and sewing instructions that anyone without experience can understand and execute. originally, this was created to give the general, exploited african the opportunity to use whatever resources they have to produce luxury items that can be sold to the west. very quickly, the project revealed itself to be a platform for any individualsimply learn a skill.

taking a conceptual approach toward the project, using a simple but very effective fastening mechanism allows the garments to evolve into complex pieces that scratch on the borders of ready to wear and high fashion. applying the graphic design of a vintage item found in one of the second hand garments used for investigation in the research aspect of the project served as a platform of inspiration to visualize a fashion approach to a system that was intended as a tool for self help for individuals in need.

implementing and testing my own system, the final aspect of the project is a representation of my taste and personality which is visualized in a look book. while each section of as?ssf16 can stand on its own, when combined, they represent a journey that displays how multifaceted fashion can be.