assembled.by: is an alternative to conventional fast fashion where the wearer assembles their clothing themselves rather than having their garments put together by an exploited worker.


the system is accompanied by a self-engineered magnetic screw, the :m.turnassembled.by: is not intended to replace the existing closet but rather add to it.


though an :assembly.guide is included, all articles are modular and can be exchanged and interchanged with each other as the wearer pleases.


the underlying idea behind this feature is that individuals might learn a different kind of appreciation for their clothing and more so the process of putting them together.

the m.turn, which stands for magnetic turn, is a screw-like closure consisting of 3 pieces that holds two points of textiles together. as opposed to regular- or snap buttons, the m.turn is magnetic, can be installed without any tools and can easily be disassembled. the m.turn tech pack can be viewed here.

please inquire for full lookook and / or pdf of assembled.by: